Sunday 27th October 2019


Do we let self-righteousness blind us of our personal sins, while amplifying the sins of others?  We all sin.  Sin is sin, the separation of ourselves from God and one another. When we say one sin is worse, more offensive, more grievous than another, those that others do are far more deplorable than ours, we deny the essence of sin.  We make sin like a rating scale focusing on calculations of correctness instead of God’s ultimate forgiveness and the healing of reconciliation for our lives and the world.  Placating ourselves by gazing on others and their failings creates barriers between people since we fail to see everyone journeying on a common path with common underlying challenges.  Creating an unrealistic fork in the road, to relish in our self-righteousness over the path of others, diverts our attention from supporting one another with mutual comradery.


Singing praises of our perceived holiness severs our relationship to God, as we applaud our effort. Our humility evaporates, as we place ourselves on a pedestal, while despising others.  A created separation between ourselves and others, as we look to establish distance by highlighting their failings.  In reality, they are role models displaying the pleading for God’s mercy.


- Barb  Born


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