Wednesday 6 March 2019

By the time I even get to the table of God’s grace I’ve made lovers of so many things and ideas and hopes and doubts – I’ve given myself to them so completely that there’s so little left.  So little to be fed by God’s grace since my starving little heart is doled out in so many pieces trying to get its own needs met.

And so, thank God once a year we gather to speak the truth of how we piece out our hearts, how we sin and fall short, how we rely on every single other thing to love us – everything but God.  How we love each other and are loved by each other so poorly with the small leftover bits of our hearts after we’ve given most of them and time to career advancement and saving the world and saving for our future and destroying gems and buying fake cows on Facebook and the dull pain of chemical dependency and internet porn and sugar binges and crossfit and the next spiritual practice or restricted diet that promises to make us whole. It’s not our time that’s so wasted with all of it ... I think it’s something so much more valuable… I think it’s our hearts.

Nadia Bolz-Weber


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