Holy Trinity Sunday

Over the last few months we have had the most amazing sequence of events: Lent, Easter, Ascension Day, and last week Pentecost, when the holy spirit came to dwell with humankind.

This week it’s Trinity Sunday where we celebrate the christian doctrine of the Holy Trinity, the three in one, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. How ever, the trinity was in existence long before the day of pentecost. At the beginning of Genesis we hear that the spirit of God was hovering over the water, and how God formed a man from the dust of the earth, and breathed into him the spirit of life. At the beginning of John’s gospel we learn that the Son, the Word, was with God in the beginning and that through him all things were made.

How can we learn about God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit? In the old testament we see God the Father, our wondrous creator, as an emotional being. One who is angry, jealous and heart broken over the rejection of the Israelites who he loves. He is a yearning God who longs for his people to return to Him and He forgives them time after time. God instigates personal relationships with those he has chosen: Abraham, Moses and the prophets.

From the New Testament we learn about God the son, the beloved, the obedient one, God incarnate come to earth to save and redeem his people. God the healer, the reconciler the bearer of the Good News: “Repent for the Kingdom of God is at Hand”, “He who believes in the Son will have life everlasting.” God comes to many people simultaneously. The gathered crowds at the healing miracles and the feeding of the 5,000.

But how can we learn about God the Holy Spirit? The invisible one.We can learn about the Holy Spirit by looking at the world around us because the Holy Spirit is God’s action in our world today. Last week Martin spoke of the many Churches he sees on his way into work, a visible sign of God’s presence. There are over 2 billion christians in our world today, and it all began with 11 frightened men who were suddenly empowered and enabled by the Holy Spirit. The mustard seed has surely become a very large tree! Through the Holy Spirit we can now enter into a personal relationship with God, each and every one of us through our prayer life. Christ spoke of the Holy Spirit as our advocate, our defender and our consoler. The one who will lead us into all truth, and give us the words to say when we need them.

The Holy Spirit can also challenge us and make us feel uncomfortable with regard to the teachings of Christ. Some of us may have our favourite passages in the gospels, the ones we like to read because they inspire, encourage and console us. However, there may be passages we are not so keen on and we may be tempted to skim over them saying: “that doesn’t really apply in our contemporary world” or “ I’m sure that one must be for other people”. But these could well be the very passages we need to pray and reflect on in order to be healed, and to grow and develop spiritually so we may be sent out in the power of God’s spirit to live and work for His praise and glory.

Over the last few weeks members of our Church have been telling us what happens when God sends them out in the power of the Holy Spirit, and how their christian faith has a bearing on their working life. Today, Enny is going to tell us her story.

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