The St Michael’s and All Angels Mosaic

At SMMH, we recognised that our church hall, Hartley Hall, didn't tell the story of our Christianity. We wanted to make people aware that the hall is owned, funded and maintained by a Christian Church, St Michael's and All Angels whilst continuing to ensure everyone felt welcome in this inclusive community space. From this desire to share the welcome and generous love of our church and Christ, the community mosaic project was born. 

We invited Christian artist Emily Weaver to lead the project and on the 5th of March we came together as a church to make the Mosaic.

Emily's thoughts on the project are below. 



The Church identity in the community has importance because of its historical, traditional, spiritual place as part of the Mill Hill landscape.

As a place of unconditional welcome, openness and inclusion for all, regardless of age, nationality or religion.

As a confident presence in the community, with a sense of place, purpose, authenticity and mission.

A place of unique-ness but willing to live and work collaboratively with other faiths in the area…( eg food bank, homeless shelter)



As it is seen in the entrance foyer: To be eye-catching, interesting, beautiful, thought provoking, perhaps a conversation-starter.

To project joy and welcome- not to be off-putting and excluding.

I have presented the cross in a background landscape- to ground it in the landscape of every day life, to make it relatable. A blue sky over green fields speaks to me of the beauty of creation and nature, a sunny, happy day.

With a gold cross in the centre of the image, referencing the sunshine and new life of the Son of God, a joyful day and the resurrection.

With a traditional cross it is more recognisable as the Christian symbol-but I have designed it to be unique to St Michael’s, the sword-like narrow lengths of the cross referencing the sword of St Michael, the ends of the cross are like sword points inverted and added to provide a strong structure for the outline.

Christian faith is about love, welcome, tolerance, mission.

Wear your ethics authentically, not trying to hide them.

Other faiths have respect for expressions of authentic faith.

Conversation-starter: good news story of resurrection /son of God /new life/ Jesus came to earth…


I helped to make the mosaic ......

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